Monkeys in Indonesia

Southwest of the town of Ubud, the cultural and culinary center of Indonesia on the island of Bali, these monkeys play in a field near the dense jungle.  Although they are common on the island itself, they spend much of their time in the forest.  Visible in  between the two adults grooming is a smaller baby.    

MattMonkeys in Indonesia

Ernest Bain Water Plant in Raleigh

The Ernest B. Bain Water Treatment Plant sits on the edge of south Raleigh outside of downtown.  The building serves as one of the most striking interiors in the city, an Art Deco original built in a time of exuberant federal spending from the WPA.  Originally designed to take in water from Walnut Creek, the plant would eventually draw from …

MattErnest Bain Water Plant in Raleigh

Niagara Falls from the Canadian side

Even now, I can remember the powerful emotional impact this picture had on me.  Taken on a family vacation at a fairly young age, it was after seeing this photo that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.

MattNiagara Falls from the Canadian side

After the rain in the Rose Garden

The rain a few days ago left some beautiful remnants on the leaves of the rose bushes in the Garden.  I backlit using a flash on a cord, and opened up the aperture to get a better focus on the leaf.

MattAfter the rain in the Rose Garden

Tying the knot in Raleigh, NC

Nick and Christine together at their ceremony at Meredith College Chapel in Raleigh, NC.  Even though there was a grey cast from each of the windows lighting them, it made for starkly even light to balance their features.  The spaces in the amphitheater across the street made for some fun images walking about.

MattTying the knot in Raleigh, NC
Mirazoso in downtown Raleigh

Mirazoso in downtown Raleigh

  Architects of Air presented Mirazoso, a luminaria built on City Plaza in downtown Raleigh.  Utilizing structures borrowed from churches and mosques, these artists creature a visually feast for the senses.  They work in the medium of ripstop nylon and are completely naturally lit.

MattMirazoso in downtown Raleigh

Northern California in late summer

The harsh deserts surrounding Los Angeles and Bakersfield had always been a minor interest to me as a traveler, serving best for me as a hub for all the gates of Asia.  But the northern part of California, wreathed in redwoods and fog, had always seemed a miraculous and fantastical place, one well-suited for images and contemplation.  Last August, we …

MattNorthern California in late summer

Biltmore wedding

Nicky and Pete Pessagno’s beautiful wedding at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C.  With the Deer Park restaurant surrounding a bucolic courtyard in the middle of the grounds, it was a compelling site for the wedding.  The slopes of the Blue Ridge made for great backgrounds when we walked outside to do the bridal portraits.  It was a fun day!

MattBiltmore wedding

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The route from Christchurch to Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand is a picturesque stretch of road, splaying out underneath the country’s highest peak, Mt. Cook.  But on a small curve in the road, the fog lifted to reveal the pristine waters of Lake Tekapo.  Here, the Church of the Good Shepherd is flanked by the verdant green …

MattLake Tekapo, New Zealand