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For Matt Huffman, photography and travel have always been intertwined: from the first time he saw the Great Wall of China to immortalizing the dense jungles of Costa Rica, the rich and varied imagery around the world has become fodder for an eager photographer.  Over the past ten years, he has covered festivals around the world, shot sailing in the eastern Caribbean and laid bare the mystifying landscape of the Australian outback.

Our studio believes that the concept of travel has always had to do with a fervent sense of exploration, and the kind of the description that comes from that urge.  Photographers crave bright and beautiful landscapes: from the soft sunsets of the Florida Keys to the orange light of the Mediterranean Sea, travel has provided the outlet to those images.   Good photography transcends the mundane, elevating the quality of an image whether it is taken here at home or abroad.  But the ability to set off on new paths in the world gives new vitality to an image, infusing it with with the storied culture surrounding it.