Matt Huffman is a North Carolina-based photographer shooting for a variety of editorial, wedding and commercial clients.  After earning a Bachelor’s in English from North Carolina State University in 2004, he spent the next few years of his life as a travel photographer exploring the far reaches of Asia, Australia, Europe and the Pacific Rim.   Over time, he built up a broad range of photographic talent, including professional studio lighting, medium-format gear and an eye for the unique or unseen angle.  After documenting several festivals and weddings across Asia and working as a wilderness guide in Costa Rica, Huffman settled down in Raleigh, NC to set up a commercial photography business
.  Huffman works out of a studio there, but specializes in shooting on location across the state, shooting for clients like Business North Carolina, the Democratic Party and various commercial clients.

His favorite projects have been an overland picture tour of Chinese festivals, a photographic essay on the abandoned villages of the Australian Outback, work documenting the sakura cherry blossom bloom in Kyoto, Japan and the decaying monuments of the Khmer empire at Angkor, Cambodia.

In between shooting and working with his pictures, he enjoys SCUBA diving, classic English literature, religious holy texts and single track mountain biking.  He also volunteers with the Juvenile Literacy Center and the Longview School in east Raleigh working with at-risk students and Big Brothers Big Sisters as a mentor. One time, he organized a four-day, 300-mile bike ride to Washington, D.C. to raise money for charity.